Goal Setting

Do you remember a time when you lived your life without a plan?

Are you still like that today?

Planning our lives supports us to see a wider perception about life. It supports us to know what is important us. We know what we want, but once we set the goals, we’ll know which are important. Setting goals supports us in creating new behaviors (or new habits) and also keeping our eye on the target. It supports us for taking responsibility of our lives.

Goals Setting talks about how to manage all the things in our lives  and making better decisions. Have you ever imagined a life where you’re able to make the best decisions, what would you achieve?  How would you feel? what would you see? Then the opposite, where you didn’t make the best decisions because you didn’t set goals or was not being responsible towards reaching your dreams, what will you achieve instead? what will happen in your life?

Goals Setting support us to 100% use all of the resources and use time effectively. We could use our time effectively. It gives us a way to stretch beyond our potential with the exact time and resource. Having goals support us in maximizing our capability and skills to finish everything we’ve started. Sometimes, we think we couldn’t achieve things in our lives, and then give up. Having goals doesn’t  guarantee we complete our list of goals, but it gives us the focus we need for a focused and planned life.