Self Awareness

Awareness is one of the most important things in life. Self-awareness is about having clear perception of our strength, weaknesses, beliefs, emotions, and feelings. It brings us to know what we want in our life. It supports us to understand what happened in life and how to react. Our awareness support us to achieve our goals, know what to do, identify our needs and making such an effective ways to deal with a lot of stuff. When we aware of what we feel and think, we can be wiser to decide a lot of things. Having self awareness helps us to achieve our goals, making decision wisely, and so on.  We can be so grateful for what we did anytime. We always be happy for what we feel and think then do.

In addition, self awareness not only talks about ourselves, but also the others. It supports us to interact and react to others wisely, understanding what people feel and think. Every time in our life, we’re connected with people and involved in deep conversation, sometimes. It made us to react and response other people depend on what they say. But, it couldn’t support us to make a better relations. With a great awareness to giving point of view or just giving simple response, it supports us to understand what other people feel and think. Furthermore, we also can support them in their real life.

Instead of ourselves, other people, self awareness also supports us to make another new collaboration then we know what we can contribute more and more to giving impact. Self awareness can increase our gratefulness and happiness as we are content in everything we do and feel.