We believe that by improving one life at a time, can have a domino effect to create a better world.

BILINE Growth was established from a passion in supporting people improving their lives. As a coaching services company, our goal is to be a strategic partner of the companies in developing their human talent. We help our clients to unfold their potential and accelerate their personal as well as professional growth.

At BILINE Growth, we facilitate the learning process by examining further the beliefs and attitudes underneath the actions and exploring the most compatible strategies rather than merely teaching set of skills. Our approach offers rich and integrated methods which help our clients to transform and allow them to sustain the changes they create.  

Our coaching services are tailored to each client’s needs, challenges, and objectives, which aimed to generate immediate and profound results within individual, group, and organization.

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Services for

For corporations, foundations and other organisations, we deliver customised solutions that cater your needs.

We serve an end-to-end solution for your organisation, individually for each member or as a team in your organisation. We have many ready made packages or tailored solutions for your organisation.


Tailored Curriculum

  • Trainings
  • Workshops
  • Classes

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Weekly Sessions

  • Ontological Coaching
  • Performance Coaching
  • Group Coaching

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Tension Release Exercise

  • TRE® for corporations
  • Group Shaking
  • TRE® provider certifications

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Various Meditations

  • Group Meditation
  • Meditation for executives
  • Meditation Retreat Outings

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Services for

For individual clients, we have classes that are open for public or private activities that can be arranged accordingly to your life.

TRE® Weekly Public Sessions
Held at our Jakarta office, we have two sessions per day on Saturday & Sunday. Pre-booked limited seat.

TRE® In-depth Classes
Held only twice a year, this is a 2 (two) days class to deepen your connection with your body and your mind using TRE®.

Public Workshops
With various topics and subjects about self/people development, we conduct workshops on public places. Follow our social medias for latest infos.

Private Coaching
Packages of coaching sessions, this is a one-on-one sessions with our professional coaches to support your growth in extra ordinary ways.

Private TRE®
One-on-one or in-house classes for your organisations that can be tailored to your needs.

Private Meditation
A Package of meditation sessions with various focus, this can be done in multiple environments


Highly skilled trainers and coaches certified internationally by main organisations in each modality around the globe, experienced by the most complicated cases are here to help our clients.

Our team are selected due to each of their individual successes in decades of experience within their own respective field. They have collaborate with various clients from different background, industry and unique personality.

What clients say...

Our clients experience with our BILINE Team here are some of them.

“It’s been a transformational experience. Getting deeper into myself to depth I’ve never been, and the change within myself, not only impacting my businesses but also into my personal life with my wife and son. Really change the way I see the world and the results I produce in my life.”

Ashraf Daniel Mohammed Sinclair

Actor & Entrepreneur

“The coaching that I received has been one of the most powerful experience in my life. Not only it helps me get through the toughest time of my life, but has also equipped me with tools that I can use till now. It has inspired my way of thinking and living. To have someone see what I don’t know and listen really open my eyes and helps me navigate my life to where I want it to be. I am so grateful for the coach.”

Wong Han Kim

CEO of PT. Berca Carrier Indonesia (Toshiba)

“For three years, Shell Indonesia has been collaborating with BILINE Growth in people development. There has been an extra ordinary cultural change not only on individuals that was coached, but also within the team that they’re involved with. A new meaning of leadership and people development.”

Anita Setyorini

Social Investment Manager of Shell Indonesia

“I first know about BILINE Growth from the training that I participated in. The learning that I get was so vast that after some discussion with them, I decided to take the coaching session to leverage my career. And it was one of the best decision in my life. Not only I am at the best stage of my career, but my personal life has also improve. Coaching and training with BILINE Growth has definitely been an investment.”

Edwin Caesario

Product Manager at Traveloka

“This could be you, our next collaboration partner…”


Your life personally and professionally


Our professional trainers, coaches, instructors & providers are dedicated to providing the best possible care for clients.

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